Mr Daugava

//Första samtalet

dialog[0,0] = "Oh, a turist! Welcome, welcome! We are all so happy you're here!"

dialog[0,1] = "Welcome to [wave][rainbow]Pisc Island[/rainbow][/wave], the fishing paradise!!"

dialog[0,2] = "Unfortunately, our world famous aquarium has run into a few... issues. But please, enjoy your stay at [wave][rainbow]Pisc Island[/rainbow][/wave]!"

dialog[0,3] = "..."

dialog[0,4] = "[angry][shake]What?[/shake] You're not a tourist? You just fell from the sky?"

dialog[0,5] = "Hey, you're a pretty lucky guy to land here on [wave][rainbow]Pisc Island[/rainbow][/wave]!"

dialog[0,6] = "[sad]I don't know if you've noticed, but this island isn't really one it once was..."

dialog[0,7] = "Maybe a lucky guy like you could help us out!"

dialog[0,8] = "Follow me, sky guy!"

//Man pratar med honom inne på AquaVista

dialog[1,0] = "Welcome to [color_17]AquaVista[color_19]!"

dialog[1,1] = "[sad]This used to be a thriving aquarium, just a few years ago. But now..."

dialog[1,2] = "[sad]The fish are all... gone. And I need someone to replace them."

dialog[1,3] = "Take this rod, I've made it myself!" + scrGearInDialog("A FISHING ROD",oRods,enumRods.ItsAStick,sRodsIcon,1,0,1,false)//[gettinggear][#A FISHING ROD*{oRods}£sRodsIcon$½1€,=0~+1_]"

dialog[1,4] = "And take these as well, I'm sure they will help you out." + scrGearInDialog("SOME BAIT",oBait,enumBait.SafetyPin,sBaitIcon,1,0,10,false) //[gettinggear][#SOME BAIT*{oBait}£sBaitIcon$½1€,=0~+10_]"

dialog[1,5] = "Go to the water and throw out a line! See if there's any more luck left in 'ya!"

//Man pratar med honom igen inne på AquaVista, innan man fångat sig en fisk

dialog[2,0] = "Now what? Do you need help fishing?"

dialog[2,1] = "Just go to the shore and press " + string(oGame.keyboard[global.key_a]) + " to fish!"

dialog[2,2] = "Come back and talk to me after your first catch!"

//Efter man fångat sin första fisk.

dialog[3,0] = "[angry]A " + string(global.catchFirstFish) + "!"

dialog[3,1] = "[angry]I can't believe you caught one using that old stick!"

dialog[3,2] = "We can finally get [color_17]AquaVista[color_19] going again!"

dialog[3,3] = "Go ahead, [color_10]set it free in its designated tank[color_19]!"

dialog[3,4] = "I bet the turists will be back in no time!"

dialog[3,5] = "There's a lot more fish out these. Take this, I'll bet it will come in handy.[FISHINGGUIDE]"//[gettinggear][#A FISHING GUIDE*{-1}£sFishingGuideIcon$½1€,=0~+1_]"

dialog[3,6] = "Take a look at it with " + string(oGame.keyboard[global.key_pause]) + "! There's a bunch of stuff in there to help you out!"

//Pratar igen, innan man placerat en fisk i tanken

dialog[4,0] = "Follow the little arrow thing around you and go to the correct tank to release the fish!"

dialog[4,1] = "... what is that arrow thing anyway? I wish I had one of those."

dialog[4,2] = "[angry]Would be great to have one out in the open sea! It would really help with [color_26]navigaton[color_19]!"

dialog[4,3] = "Just follow the arrow! But I bet you can turn it off using the [color_28]fishing guide[color_19], if you find it annoying."

dialog[4,4] = "You can do all kinds of stuff with that thing!"

//Efter man placerat sin första fisk i vattentank

dialog[5,0] = "[wave]Fantastic[/wave]! It brings me so much joy to see a fish in [color_17]AquaVista[color_19] again."

dialog[5,1] = "Let the town know! I bet they'll be so excited to see it!"

//Pratar igen efter man placerat sin första fisk i vattentank

dialog[6,0] = "Go on then! Spread the news! Tell everyone that we got a fish at [color_17]AquaVista[color_19] again!"