"The luminescent spots on this fish's body can light up dark lake waters.", // Lakelight

"Known for burrowing in lake beds, this fish stirs up mud to hide from predators.", // Muddweller

"It weaves through reeds with ease, its movements creating beautiful ripples on the lake surface.", // Reedripple

"Its jewel-like scales are said to bring good fortune to those who find it.", // Lakegem

"Known for its elongated snout and terrible smell, it probes through lake weed.", // Weedsnout

"This unique species uses sound waves to navigate the dark depths of lakes.", // Echodepth

"The lake's playful companion. Its whisker-like fins playfully dance through the water, bringing smiles to lakeside observers.", // Whisklash

"Its playful leaps create bubbles that rise to the surface, adding charm to the tranquil waters.", // Bubblerise

"This fish's metallic scales refract sunlight, causing a dazzling shimmer underwater.", // Waveshimmer

"Coral-colored scales, blend seamlessly with vibrant coral reefs in warm ocean waters. Feeds on bugs that happen to fall into the water.", // Coralfin

"Able to withstand the harshest saltwater conditions, their scales contain salt crystals.", // Saltysurge

"This fish can manipulate the tidal currents to disorient predators.", // Tidalflicker

"Found in the ocean's darkest depths, its bioluminescent glow attracts curious prey.", // Abyssglow

"Known for its long, slow migrations across vast oceans, powered by the waves.", // Surfdrifter

"Swift ocean dweller. Dazzling scales, vibrant patterns race through warm waters. Often seen in tropical regions.", // Finfury

"Soft, puffy appearance, gentle glow create calming presence. Inhabits serene, clear waters.", // Lumipuff

"Covered in spiky scales, it uses its body to protect itself from predators.", // Seaspike

"It's iridescent scales give off a pearl-like sheen, dazzling under the ocean sun.", // Pearlshimmer

"This common fish has black and silver armored scales, appearing knight-like.", // Surgeknight

"This silver surfer shimmers, confusing predators with its darting movements.", // Silverflicker

"It thrives during stormy weather, using the turbulent waves to its advantage.", // Stormdrifter

"It is said that a book written with the ink from the inkfish will surely be a masterpiece.", // Inkfish

"This delicate jellyfish glows with an ethereal light, illuminating the deep with a soft, gentle luminescence.", //Softsquish

"Found in forest streams, its scales mimic fallen leaves for camouflage.", // Leafscale

"This fish inhabits water trapped in hollow trees, surviving on insects that fall in.", // Timbertrickle

"This fish has evolved to blend perfectly into kelp forests, making it a master of hide and seek.", // Kelpshield

"Known to nibble on tree roots that hang into forest water bodies.", // Barkbiter

"Its fins resemble fern leaves, providing perfect camouflage in forest ponds.", // Fernflutter

"This scary-looking fish has needle-like scales, blending seamlessly in pine forests.", // Pinescale

"This Timbertrickle variant is found in water-filled roots of ancient trees.", // Roottrickle

"This Leafscale variant's oak-leaf pattern provides superior camouflage.", // Oakscale

"Mythical swimmer. Dragon-like fins allow it to glide with enchantment in mystical streams.", // Dracofin

"Dreamy forest drifter. Fins resemble fluff, drifts dreamily through calm, mossy streams in heart of woodlands.", // Fluffin

"Streamgills have slender bodies that allow them to dart quickly between rocks. Their gills shine like gemstones under the sun.", // Streamgill

"Known for its ability to dance on the water's surface, Rapidskimmer are often mistaken for water bugs.", // Rapidskimmer

"The aquatic gem. Shimmering scales emit a soothing glow, mesmerizing underwater display. Prefers clear rivers with gentle currents.", // Aqualite

"With its jaw lined with rock-hard teeth, Bouldermaw can crunch through pebbles to find food.", // Bouldermaw

"These iridescent fish create a mesmerizing light show as they leap out of the water.", // Brookflare

"Its streamlined body is perfect for high-speed pursuits in fast-moving waters.", // Currentswift

"Prefers slow-moving or stagnant waters and has a moss-like fin which provides camouflage.", // Mossfin

"Known for its spiral movement against the current, creating miniature whirlpools.", // Rivertwirl

"This pebbly-scaled fish is a master of camouflage in rocky riverbeds.", // Pebbletrout

"A variant of Streamgill, Sunsetgills gleam a brilliant orange-red at dusk.", // Sunsetgill

"Spins rapidly, creating a mesmerizing water display.", // Whirlskimmer

"Elegant quill-like fins, graceful glide enchanting presence is calm waterways.", // Quillure

"This elusive fish has sapphire scales said to have magical properties.", // Sappurgeon
"Shimmers like a jewel in clear water. A beautiful, elusive prize testing angler skills.", // Diamurgeon

"Glowing red like fire, its ruby scales are said to hold intense heat.", // Ruburgeon

"This fish sings an enchanting melody, but is heard only once every hundred years.", // Echoesolace

"Airborne ocean marvel. Leaping from waves, gliding above water, soars alongside ocean winds with graceful aerial flips.", // Flyfin "Got a huge fanbase, but rarely shows up anymore. It might have moved abroad, feeling like a big fish in a small pond." //Hellströmming